Collection: Rio De Sol

We are Rio de Sol®.
Us, you and them.
All of us.

We are not a brand. We are human.
Warmth is natural to our body.
Smiles, our favorite outfit.

Our hug embraces everyone equally.
We design and produce swimwear in Brazil made by and for humans.

We are different but we want the same.
Respect, freedom and equality.
Pure air, bare feet and a dip in the water.

We protect nature, we create poetry, we color life.
We roll up our sleeves to make the world an ever happier place for each of us.

We believe in the beauty of the simple and natural.
Our photos are not photoshopped.
Our fabrics are eco-friendly. Our materials are sustainable.

We don’t promote the new. We don’t follow trends. We create them.
Through the hands of our seamstresses, part of our family, we sew one by one avant-garde, adaptable, timeless, and made-to-last swimwear.

We strongly believe in the bright side of life and people.
We encourage every one of us to do our best every day, everywhere.
We want you to feel good and to do good with Rio de Sol®.