Collection: Ratt by Rita Attala

RATT collections are inspired by creative flexibility through geometric elegance, impressive details with touches of volume completing a stylish look. Unique designs and high manufacturing quality are the two most important values for RATT. Addressed to women who are contemporary, feminine and always in-style. For women who like to put their imagination at work and express their personal flair through the way they dress.For women who prefer style over fashion.
Perfection is a unity of opposites.Absolute style blended with undeniable comfort.
Genuine class combined with subtle femininity.A brand that goes beyond ages or lifestyles.
Rita Attala is the name behind the brand RATT. Born in Athens and raised in Libya, her personality is a mixture of Lebanese, Greek and French cultures. Concerned nature as she is, after graduating of Veloudakis Design School, she made her entrance in the fashion business through collaborations with various designers. This experience as well as her love for fashion led Rita to create her own fashion brand under the name RATT. For Rita, fashion is a dream come true and at the same time, a way to express her thoughts and feelings.